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Dragonmarked Feats

You carry an elaborate marking on your skin—a swirling, twining pattern of colors. This dragonmark grants you innate magical abilities and signal that your life is significant within the Draconic Prophecy of Argonessen. Choose one dragonmarked aspect below, for which you meet racial requirements. You gain the benefits described for that dragonmark. If you gain the ability to cast spells, choose either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to be your magic ability for spells granted by your dragonmark. The DC to resist one of your spells equals 8 + your magic ability modifier + your proficiency bonus.

Your dragonmark may allow you to cast rituals as well. To cast a spell as a ritual, you must add 10 minutes to the spell's casting time, during which you meditate and draw from your dragonmark. If your dragonmark grants you the ability to perform rituals, you must either have the ability to cast spells of the ritual's level from a class feature or meet the following level requirements:

Ritual Level Minimum Character Level
1 1
2 2
3 9
4 13
5 17

Dragonmarked Aspects

Mark of Detection

The Mark of Detection grants abilities that enable its possessor to discern the presence of threats, from posioned food to scrying eyes.
Race: Half-elf

  • You gain proficiency in the Perception skill.
  • You can cast detect magic twice per day.
  • You can perform the detect magic and detect poison and disease rituals.

Mark of Finding

The Mark of Finding bestows powers related to locating creatures or objects, making those who carry it useful as investigators or bounty hunters.
Race: Half-orc or human

  • You gain proficiency in the Search skill.
  • You can cast hunter's mark once per day.
  • You can perform the locate animals or plants ritual.

Mark of Handling

The Mark of Handling grants powers related to the care and control of animals.
Race: Human

  • You are proficient in the Animal Handling skill.
  • You gain proficiency with mounts.
  • Any mount you ride increases its Armor Class by +1 and its speed by +5 feet.
  • You can cast animal friendship once per day.

Mark of Healing

The Mark of Healing grants curative magical powers.
Race: Halfling

  • You gain proficiency with a healer's kit.
  • You learn the spare the dying cantrip.
  • You can cast either cure wounds or lesser restoration once per day. At 1st level you cast cure wounds with a level 1 spell slot. The spell slot increases as follows:
Character Level Spell Slot Level
1 1
3 2
9 3
13 4
17 5

Mark of Hospitality

The Mark of Hospitality grants powers related to food and shelter.
Race: Halfling

  • You can cast either purify food and drink or goodberry once per day.
  • During a short or long rest, whenever you or an ally within 25 feet of you uses an ability or casts a spell that restores hit points, that effect restores the maximum number of hit points possible.

Mark of Making

The Mark of Making grants the power to mend or fabricate material goods.
Race: Human

  • You are proficient in one type of artisan's tools of your choice.
  • You can cast the mending cantrip.
  • You can be attuned to a number of items equal to the highest of: your Intelligence modifier, your Wisdom modifier, your Charisma modifier, your proficiency bonus, or three.
  • You can perform the identify and knock rituals.

Mark of Passage

The Mark of Passage bestows magical powers related to transportation and teleportation.
Race: Human

  • When you move on your turn, you can disengage without spending an action.
  • You can cast longstrider once per day.
  • You can cast teleportation circle as a ritual that you are capable of performing, provided you meet level requirements (above).

Mark of Scribing

The Mark of Scribing grants powers related to writing and communication. Those who carry it specialize in the magic of the written word, serving as diplomats and translators or facilitating communication over long distances.
Race: Gnome

  • You can cast the read magic and message cantrips, and do not require a material component when you cast read magic.
  • You can perform the comprehend languages and animal messenger rituals.
  • You can use any spell scroll as if the spell contained within appeared on your class spell list.

Mark of Sentinel

The Mark of Sentinel conveys powers that protect creatures from harm.
Race: Human

  • You can cast the resistance cantrip.
  • You can cast sanctuary once per day.
  • When you use the hinder action, if the creature hits one of your allies with an attack and is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to make an attack against that creature.

Mark of Shadow

The Mark of Shadow grants divinatory powers of clairvoyance and scrying, as well as illusory powers of deception.
Race: Elf

  • You can cast the minor illusion cantrip.
  • You can cast disguise self once per day.
  • When you make an attack while hidden, if you miss all targets you may remain hidden.
  • You can cast scrying as a ritual that you are capable of performing, provided you meet level requirements (above).

Mark of Storm

The Mark of Storm grants the power to control weather, primarily through the manipulation of clouds, wind, and rain.
Race: Half-elf

  • You can cast the shocking grasp cantrip.
  • You can cast fog cloud once per day.
  • Any time you have a fly speed, increase that fly speed by 10 feet.

Mark of Warding

The Mark of Warding protects places from unwanted intruders and items from theft.
Race: Dwarf

  • You can cast alarm or arcane lock once per day.
  • You are proficient in thieves' tools.
  • You can perform the alarm and knock rituals.

Forbidden Dragonmarked Aspects

Aberrant dragonmarks are mutations that appear occasionally among the dragonmarked races, either to those not of a dragonmarked house or among mixed bloodlines that cross dragonmarked families. They can be traced back to the bloodlines of corrupted dragonmarked families eliminated in the War of the Mark. At quick glance, an aberrant mark could be mistaken for an established dragonmark, but on close inspection the differences are readily apparent.

The Mark of Death, on the other hand, is the most mysterious of all dragonmarks. Rendered extinct long ago, its reappearance is carefully watched for, and would signal imminent doom.

Aberrant Mark of Tyranny

Your aberrant dragonmark allows you to drive your enemies before you in terror.

  • You can cast wrathful smite once per day.

Mark of Death

None alive can fully know what powers were once wielded by House Vol's bloodlines, but their necromantic capabilities were no doubt terrible in scope and power.
Race: Elf

  • You can cast false life once per day.
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