Eberron Pantheon

Sovereign Host



  • Cantrips: You know the mage armor cantrip, plus two other cantrips of your choice from the cleric’s or wizard’s cantrip list.
  • Channel Divinity: You gain the Channel Magical Might and Channel Spell Energy options.
  • Disciple of Magic: You can use magic items that normally require you to be a wizard to use them.
  • Domain Spells: At 1st level and when you gain the ability to cast 2nd-­‐, 3rd-­‐, 4th-­‐, and 5th-­‐ level cleric spells, choose a wizard spell of the same spell level. The chosen spell counts as a domain spell for you. You always have it prepared, and it does not count against the number of spells you can prepare each day.
  • Suggested Equipment: Quarterstaff, sling, 50 sling bullets, holy symbol, flask of holy water, adventurer’s kit, and belt pouch containing 14 gp and 8 sp



Dol Arrah

Dol Dorn

Kol Korran



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