Talent Skills

Skill Dice

When you make an ability check, you roll 1d20 and add the required ability modifer. You or the DM decide which of your talents, if any, are relevant to the task being attempted. In some cases, it could be one of your talents, multiple talents, or none at all. For each relevant talent, roll one skill die. The highest result out of all your skill dice is added to your ability check total. Only the highest result is added, and the others are discarded.

In some situations, the DM may tell you that the talent you think is relevant is actually not applicable to the situation, in which case it does not count for the ability check. In other situations, you may gain use of a skill die through roleplaying, as decided by the DM.

When you choose a background, it will include a list of talents available for you to choose. Every character begins with four talents, chosen from any that are available. If you aren't satisfied with the list of talents, check with your DM to devise a list of options more customized for your character. Your skill die begins as 1d4 and increases as you gain levels. The following table summarizes this progression.

Level Skill Dice
1 1d4
2 1d6
3 1d6
4 1d6
5 1d6
6 1d6
7 1d8
8 1d8
9 1d8
10 1d8
11 1d8
12 1d10
13 1d10
14 1d10
15 1d10
16 1d10
17 1d12
18 1d12
19 1d12
20 1d12




Skills: Professional Blacksmith,



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